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Scanmarker: The Highlighter for the Modern Student

Vytvořil v Ruční skener ScanMarker · 28/5/2016 11:45:00
Tags: Scanmarker:TheHighlighterfortheModernStudent
Every so often, a gadget comes along that is so simply brilliant it’s a wonder no one has thought of it before. Everyone from students to researchers to business executives has had the experience of retyping quotations from print materials, notes from classes or meetings, or simply information from one document to include in another.

Scanning each document in full can be impractical at best and an additional time sink at worst as you struggle to save snippets of text from a PDF or JPG. Photos of the source material are unsearchable and depending on the length of the source, simply retyping the material can be frustrating, error-prone and a waste of time.

Thank goodness, then, for the Scanmarker. This hand-held scanner is the size and weight of a highlighter and just as easy to use. It’s just 3oz and connects to your PC or laptop (with a 5’ cable so you can easily connect to a computer tower while still using your desk) and can scan both typed and hand-written documents.

You use the Scanmarker like a highlighter – by sliding it across a line of text. However instead of marking important phrases in the text for you to remember later, it transfer the text to a text file on your computer where you can edit, copy and paste, add to documents or save for later. The fact that the text isn’t stored as a picture isn’t even the most impressive fact – the Scanmarker also has a built in translator to automatically translate text in another language while it scans.

While there are hundreds of potential uses for the Scanmarker, this gadget seems to be particularly well suited for students. As someone who always managed to highlight more of the text in my textbooks than I left unhighlighted, and then could never find the truly important bits, I can certainly see the ways this would help me focus my studies. In particular, the ability to have the key points of my text saved digitally, where I could then search though the saved bits, would have done wonders for my grades.
The Scanmarker also seems to be a great option for anyone with dyslexia or difficulties reading as there is also a text to speech option.

 However the Scanmarker is really an investment in an educational or professional future, especially for those who find themselves spending a great deal of time trying to copy lecture or meeting notes, retyping quotations or information from books and reports or simply struggling with focused studying or reading challenges. The Scanmarker is highly recommended

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